What is "spindrift"?

Interpreting Global Sustainability in National Parks (master's thesis, December, 2004)

Processing interactive art
Flash Interactive Art

(updated March 15, 2008).
Gill Wave 1

Seed Wind Blossom
Small Med Large

Ghost Nautilus
Chase "krill

The Peace March in San Francisco (photographs and video October, 2002)

An Orb Spider in Tennessee Valley (video October, 2002 - music by Gerardo Nuñez)

A Squirrel in Old Monterey (video August, 2002 - with music by Buena Vista Social Club)

California Virtual Reality Panoramas (updated December 12, 2003)
. . . and outside California (updated April 11, 2008)

Berkeley Bowl Bulk Foods with Recipes (March 3, 2007 - also: visit Berkeley Bowl)

Native Plants in the Yard (Jun 16, 2002)

Original art (updated February 12 '01)

Shooting the Messenger: Rethinking Confrontation in the War Against Graffiti (academic paper in pdf format, December 8, 2003)

Not Exactly Corn -
corporate America puts new DNA in your dinner (December 9, '99)

Early Legal Attacks on the Indians and the Trees:
Forests, the Iroquois, and the State of New York, 1840-1890
(May 4, '00)

Resume  (updated July, '06)

Yosemite - Habitat Restoration and Fun (August, '99)

Lightfoot Links  - Buying with the Environment in Mind (Updated December, '00)

Home-Made Quicktime VR - examples and information (December 19, '99)

The Chain Puller - a device for removing large woody weeds (new May 22 '99)

Sailing and other recreations  (updated June 8 '98)

Thoughts  (updated February 17, '00)

Neat Links (updated August 23 1998)

Lucent Technologies appropriates a Zen Buddhist symbol (updated January 19 '99)

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